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Part 1 Transcript

Due to the graphic nature of this killers crimes listener discretion is advised. This episode includes dramatisations and discussions of murder and assault that some people may find offensive. We advise extreme caution for children under 13.

When you think California and its roads, pristine images of fast mountain VISTAs and cool Pacific sunsets come flooding in. songwriters and poets alike have spun many empathetic and emotional yarns about the Golden State’s freeways, tales of freedom, love and adventure. But while many focus on the positive sides of the road for their balance, there’s also a much grimmer, darker side. The coastal highways and byways of California are littered with urban legends of robbers, stalkers and brutal killers. their tails are one of caution. Harbinger’s to the innocent and naive that believe their journeys are safe. The most feared of these tales is arguably that of the freeway killer. William born in Boston was a cruel, malicious monster, a boogie man who stalked the roads between Orange County and Los Angeles. And like many monsters of old balance, his singular hunger was the innocent, more specifically, adolescent boys. In a dark green for two con line fan, bonding approached unsuspecting male hitchhikers and pedestrians. He had charm, a jovial laugh, and a countenance of concern for the poor lads. He didn’t want them to walk alone in the hot sun. Boys, sometimes as young as 12 years old, would enter bonds van and never return. days later their corpses would be found, discarded, battered, and humiliated. From 1979 to 1980. Liam bond and murdered over 20 young men and boys up and down the four or five, highway five and many freeways between Orange County and Los Angeles. of fact, Boston was proud of saying, quote, the more I killed, the easier it became, the easier it got, the more I had to do it.

Hi, I’m Greg Polson, and this is serial killers. Today we’re going to take a deep dive into the infamy of William bonnet, the freeway killer. I’m here with my co host Vanessa Richardson. Now Vanessa is not a licenced psychologist or psychiatrist but she’s done a lot of research for the show.

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Prosecutors called him the most arch evil person who ever existed. A soulless monster to the rest of the world. He was born in the freeway killer.

Where does one begin to understand the theme such as this, Vanessa?

Hard to say Greg, police psychologists and psychiatric alike have struggled to understand the motives of William bond and was he born a monster or was he a victim of neglect, abuse and abandonment. All could be contributing factors into what made William bond and one of the more twisted serial killers we featured on our show agreed violence criminal track record doesn’t simply start with his murders. It goes as far back as age nine when he first began sexually abusing his younger brother and several other neighbourhood use. The horror storey of William bonnet begins 1941 in the quaint town of Willem antic, Connecticut, where he was born and raised. It’s here that Robert and Alice bought in settled down and decided to start a family. But when World War too broke out, Robert Vaughn and then listed disappearing into the ranks of the brave men and women fighting to save the free world from tyranny. Robert later returned, but he had changed. War had taken its toll on Robert Vaughn and he became much more vocal about his dissatisfaction with the state of his life and his home and his family. Pretty soon that dissatisfaction grew from simple outbursts to random violence, Robert began to beat his wife and fits of rage. Of course, remorse followed quickly and the couple would reconcile. This sad cycle of abuse became the rhythm to which their lives were evolved.

Then, on January 8 1947, William George Martin was born their second child of three, you think that the birth of their children would have quelled some of the domestic violence. Sadly, that wasn’t the case.

Roberts insatiable rage only seemed to grow now that he had more mouths to feed, his violent quickly turned towards the young sons. beatings became regular the bottom household, most who were induced by Roberts growing alcoholism, William was no more than a toddler when he first felt his father’s wrath. The years of abuse also took a toll on poor Alice, she too fell into alcoholism. And because of this, she began to neglect even her more basic maternal duties such as feeding and clothing the boys to the neighbours, the bonds are a trouble lot. Many took pity on the modern children, families would invite them into their homes and giving them food, attention and even close, but it wasn’t enough to placate the horrors they faced at home from their father.

Not only did they suffer at the hands of their father, but also their grandfather.

Williams maternal grandfather was a convicted child molester and paedophile. He had sexually abused his daughter Alice multiple times during her childhood and adolescence. Now he had access to three young boys. Alice later recounted that she wasn’t simply your father abused his grandchildren.

Alice said, quote, I hate to say it makes me sick thinking about it, but it was common in our family. My father had most of my life even tried it after I was married, and quote, to make matters worse, Alice also believed that her husband Robert was raping their children, that she said she could just tell these violent moments of molestation verbal and physical abuse.

These were the only times young William got any attention from his father and grandfather. Now, revolting, yes, with no strong parental figure, let alone positive role model William was thrust into a harsh world. There the week were preyed upon daily, he learned quickly that he was merely a piece of meat, used either for pleasure or stress relief. This was the imprint his male role models instilled in him.

As Alice came to realise the trouble his sons were in the she began to sink into depression and alcoholism. She also suffered from extreme mood swings, sometimes loving the boys and other times being absolutely furious with them for no apparent reason, a trait that was also passed down to William.

She did try to help her boys though, in 1953. Alice centre boys away to an orphanage for better care, and to keep them away from their grandfather. bonding was only six years old.

Things quickly went from bad to worse for the boys. The orphanage use draconian punishments to discipline the children. Should anyone break the rules, they would be beaten repeatedly, sometimes until they bled. offenders were also forced to hold stress positions, like push ups or half squats without moving for long durations, sometimes five minutes Are there times 15. And if the administrators were feeling especially cruel, over half an hour, worst of all the new boys were also forced into simulated drownings, held either in sinks or toilets by the older boys, or even the faculty of sort of baptism by drowning.

When Bond was around eight years old, a visiting Catholic priest came to the orphanage. While he spoke of purity and the healing powers of God. His true intentions were misery and Whoa, the priest molested and sometimes even raped the young boys. One by one, the priest worked his way through the children until it last he came to poor William bond and the priests preyed upon bond and on multiple occasions, taking advantage of the impressionable lad. This went on for two years, Ivana never refuse the priest, restraints were used to hold the child down.

Finally, the priests time at the orphanage ended, but the lessons of cruelty he taught Williams stayed some of the older boys also began to pick on William and not just through verbal or physical abuse, so the boys began to sexually assault on him at this point, however, bonded had almost become the sensitise to the trauma.

I only agreed if they bound my hands.

Bonding was eight years old when he made this request.

Terrible. Such a young boy subjected to such shame and to become so trained and regulated to it, it makes my skin crawl. Indeed, I mean, How unlucky to come into contact with that kind of abuse and so often, which brings me to my next question, why asked for bonds? I mean, what purpose was there and having his hands and feet restrained during the act? Did he not want the option to fight back?

Well, habit, I would imagine more than likely in many of his other encounters. He had been held down or tied up while being sexually violated. We know that the priest often held him down, as did his grandfather. to young William, this was his sexual education. There was no love, no compassion, just raw, unforgiving force. If you wanted someone or something you simply took it been and asked for bonds because in his mind, he assumed that that was what was supposed to happen. He was developing a warped idea of how sex was handled, one that would stay with him the rest of his life.

1956 Alice took the boys out of the orphanage and Willem antic and brought them to their new home and Mansfield, Connecticut. While the home was new, the abuse stayed the same. But his father continued to mistreat the boys and his gambling and drinking problems showed no sign of slowing down.

with no one to look after him again, William bond and sank into a delinquency problem pretty quickly after he returned home. He and other kids he roped into helping him would go on thieving sprees all across town. This went on for about a year. Finally, the law caught up to him 10 year old bond and was arrested in 1957 for stealing licence plates off

cars, bought and was then sent to a juvenile detention centre and reformatory. There he consensually engaged in sexual acts with older boys and even his counsellor,

bonded was sentenced to four years at the detention facility from 1957 to 1961. Upon his release, he was put back into custody of his parents. He was now 14

having fallen on hard Financial Times and facing foreclosure on their home. Robert opted to relocate his family. selling their home and packing what little they had the family moved to California, the bond and settled in a modest home on Angel street in the city of Downey. Soon afterwards, however, bonds father died of cancer, there was little morning among the family. with Robert gun, Alice had to take more responsibility for her family bond and however, returned to his old tricks, theft, robbery and grand theft. This was also a time when he introduced the local children to his brand of

power. bonding began to molest the younger neighbourhood boys like those who had tortured him, he tied them up and subjected them to whatever vulgarity he could come up with that, as molestation didn’t stop with the local children bond and also engaged in forced sexual acts with his younger brother carrying on the dark tradition, his father and grandfather to

tell me Vanessa, why would he do that to his own brother.

This may have been a display of dominance, almost as if he was training himself training himself, well been and didn’t want to be a victim the rest of his life, to feel the shame of being mistreated over and over. by attacking his brother and the other neighbourhood kids he elevated himself from prey to predator. In his mind, this would make sure he wouldn’t be victimised ever again. Brandon’s mother knew something was wrong with William. She finally tried to help guide him. Perhaps it was too little too late. Been it had become a full on rapist. If he wasn’t in school, he was out committing crimes or molesting children.

Mom meant well, I don’t hold anything against her. But she just didn’t understand.

As been and went to high school Alice continue to try and tame the wild child. She even convinced him to get engaged to a local girl, much to bond and chagrin

don’t know why she thought that would be what calms me down. Guess she had hope that the love of a good woman would have made me normal

bond and reluctantly agreed to the engagement and later to be wed after he graduated high school in 1965. But he found a way out.

On November 1 1965, the Vietnam War broke out. And while many only found disappointment in the Indochina conflict, Bonnen found himself

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Now let’s get back to the storey.

As we discussed before the break William bond and had been physically abused his entire life. If it wasn’t in the hands of his grandfather, then it was his own father. When he was placed in the care of an orphanage a Catholic priest to continue the onslaught of abuse, along with several others tortured young boys.

everywhere he went Barton was sexually assaulted. As he grew older he assaulted others continuing the cycle after a dark

adolescence bought and graduated from high school in 1965, just in time to take part in one of America’s most infamous conflicts, the Vietnam War.

To him, I’m sure it sounded like the perfect opportunity to take out some of his deep seated hatred for the world around him.

Yes, William joined the Air Force shortly after the war began in 1965. He began to train as a helicopter gunner. And that Tommy, Vanessa, what do you think this would have done to a psyche? Would this have quelled his darker tendencies at all or what he had been spurred on by his less for violence?

Well, I’m afraid it may have made things worse time in the military would have taught been into disassociate himself from death and violence, that violence and ultimately killing were okay, provided he did it for the right reasons. True bonding would have learned discipline and how to function around others. But the military had a hierarchy like his family and been and had to learn to fit into it. And like his family, the better he got it violence, the stronger and more revered he would be.

So you’re saying the military would have just supported his notions of violence and power.

Perhaps more than anything, the ravages of war would have also showed him that his want a need for violence was okay, that as long as he provided a service, it was okay for him to rape and kill

anyone that goes over there

during aggression. And if you didn’t know aggression,

and you went over there and spend a year, I guarantee you’re going to come back north aggression. Shortly after finishing basic training and gunnery school volume was assigned to the 200 and fifth assault support helicopter company of the 11th aviation battalion. The unit was first activated in August of 1965. Before being actively deployed in Vietnam in 1967. info low a button was assigned to an attack helicopter providing covering fight for the troops below. For the next five months in 1967. Been in logged almost 700 hours of combat, passing over the dense jungles of Vietnam. Veteran and rain down screaming hot lead on the VC.

You could see them all below, scurrying around like ants. Sometimes it would seem like there was hundreds all running about getting themselves killed. No real goal or ultimate purpose. Vietnam was an important time in my life. It was there I figured out perhaps my most important lesson. human life is overrated.

It’s terrifying. How could he say such things?

Well, again, look at his childhood. Since Brandon was born, most of his life has been a patchwork of abuse and sexual violence. His parents the most important people in a child’s development were absent most of the time. And if they were there, it usually meant he was about to get a beating or worse. Even when Bonnie was sent away, he was only met with more pain and suffering more than likely been and must have assumed his life really didn’t matter much except to be tormented. That must have made him angry not only in himself, but at the world around him. As he got older, he resorted to the same kind of violence inflicted on him to get his aggression out. Now in war, Bonnen could escalate that violence further been and realised that in war he could be a master of death that lives of his enemies ultimately depended on his merciful grace, something he didn’t have.

Perhaps it was that love of violence that made him such a good soldier not only had a log 700 hours in a chopper, he was commended for his effort, William bond and received several awards and even a medal for bravery. During the skirmish, one of Britain’s gunners was hit by enemy fire. The soldiers screamed nearly falling out of the chopper. out of his own volition bottom left his gun, he went over to his comrade avoiding the bullet storm flying around him. He pulled the man back into the chopper and returned to his gun and open fire on the enemy combatants.

It’s hard to believe that William Bonnen risked his life for another human being.

Regardless, the military was proud of his service and decided to award him the Medal of good conduct. This medal was awarded to soldiers on active duty who had suffered no infractions, court martial offences, or any non judicial punishments, bought and accepted the Lord graciously. Even harder to believe he had gotten away with no infractions, or at least none that he was caught For indeed, while on the surface bond and seemed like a model soldier, off duty he was anything but bond and engage in numerous extracurricular activities while touring the southeast storey it

out there was anything goes. I slept with any number of men and women for that matter,

bought and claimed most of his sexual exploits while stationed in Vietnam War consensual, but, of course, there were the few exceptions.

As born and rose through the ranks, his zest for power seemed to stern him darker cravings. During the Tet Offensive violence sexually assaulted two soldiers below his rank. He cornered each man when they were alone. He then produced a pistol, threatening to shoot them unless they did what he said from their body would tie their hands and feet together. Why rape soldiers below his rank?

Well, I would assume it has to go back to that idea of power and hierarchy as a higher ranking officer bond and probably assume that he had a right nope duty to make sure those men knew he was in charge. This further goes back to bonds deep seated fear of appearing weak or vulnerable. He raped not only for pleasure, but to prove himself a superior person.

Once this five months were up, bottom was honourably discharged from the Air Force in October of 1968. No one had reported the unlawful sexual acts bond and had inflicted on his fellow soldiers.

Shortly thereafter been returned home to his fiance and mother in Downey, California bond and was now 21 years old bond and married his fiance but the marriage quickly fell through once she caught wind of abundance dark past

violence, two brothers also moved on leaving only Alice to deal with her troubled son

after the divorce bond and move back in with his mother. While on the surface, he seemed like the devoted son taking care of his mother. underneath it all. He was a thirsty monster. He turned his attention to the young neighbourhood boys that lived in his area. As he looked at them with lust and hunger, terrible ideas began to fill his head.

Bottom began to Prowl his neighbourhood for nubile young men he could figuratively and literally sink his teeth into.

Once again, we warn you that the following deals with intense acts of sexual violence and torture. Extreme discretion is advised as specially

for listeners under 13. On November 17 1968, Bannon found his first victim. It was a 12 year old boy. He lowered the boy into his car and drove him to a secluded area, once away from prying eyes been and pounced, bought and forced the boy into oral copulation, when he fought back been in bludgeoned to space and head with a tire iron. Then he restrained the boys hands and feet with court. Afterwards, bottom sodomise the poor child repeatedly

bonded released a terrified child and fled into the night over the course of four months from December 1968. to march of 1969 been raped for more victims, all of them young men between the ages of 12 and 14 in each case bond and kept a similar modus operandi luring young men into his car before binding their hands and feet and violating them. Each victim bond and gotten more and more creative too. He began to bring tools along with him regularly and also removed interior handles of his van to prevent escape.

Essentially, Barton was repeating that which is forced on to him Vanessa, what is it that makes someone repeat that kind of torture to someone else?

Well, trauma is like a snowball rolling down a hill if not stopped the snowball grows in size, picking up mass and acceleration does increasing its speed towards calamity been in was never properly treated or counsel during his childhood as such, and I’m sure with many others in a similar situation, the only way he thought he could deal with his shame and anger was to pass it on. If others felt what he felt perhaps he could find some solace. But bottom didn’t just rate this victims know sadly, as been and claimed more victims he began to escalate the violence been started to not only beat these young men, but torture them as well.

William beat these poor young men specifically aiming for their heads or faces. Sometimes he would use his hands other times tools. To top it all off he would also damage their genitals by squeezing or smashing them with blunt instruments. Justice, however, was just

around the corner for William bond and

the victims notified the police and an investigation was launched. Thankfully, in March of 1969, Boston was arrested trying to restrain a 16 year old victim of his car. Police surrounded him and forced him from the car, the boy was saved. Biden was indicted on five counts of kidnapping, four counts of sodomy, one count of oral copulation, and one count of child molestation against the five youths he abducted and one attempted for the boy he had just kidnapped. So tell me that so what are your thoughts on bonnets methodology? Why the young men and what did you hope to gain from torturing these poor boys?

Well, as I mentioned earlier, been insight to rectify what had happened to him and his youth. But also you have to understand that to bond in his childhood torture was essentially his education about sex. to him. Sex wasn’t just about pleasure. It was about power, pain, been and had been a victim his entire life. Now he could take that power back by inflicting the same form of torment on others. It was a combination of twisted retribution and sexual gratification. He became that which he hated and feared his father, grandfather, the boys at the juvenile detention centre, and of course the priest. He knew nothing else. You also have to remember that his only real understanding of physical affection and last came from those early childhood traumas to him if he wanted something, he had to take it by force. If anyone fought back, he simply got rougher.

sickening. So do you think this was a case of nurture over nature?

Well, it’s tough to say, well, it’s clear his childhood had allowed effect on him. He also chose to continue the cycle of abuse.

That’s interesting. Now, madam pleaded guilty to the molestation and forced oral copulation charges. He was sentenced to a Tesco state hospital as a patient, a Tesco Darrow is an all male maximum security psychiatric facility. Located at the central coast of California, between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Bannon was classified as a disordered sexual offender, but common diagnosis for rapists and the homosexuals lumped in with him at the time.

violin was sent into observation by psychiatrists, they hope to understand his condition and how to cure it. Doctors were surprised by what they found.

bonding was incredibly intelligent testing at 120 and an IQ test. Doctors also found that he suffered from manic depression which causes long periods of sadness and also heightened mood swings. More interestingly, doctors found that bonds body was covered in scars.

dark skin kept asking me all these bizarre questions mostly about the scars on my body. Do you remember how you got this? Do you remember how you got that? Where’s that from? Then they had the balls to ask me if I’d ever been sexually abused as a kid. I told them no.

Of course that couldn’t have been farther from the truth. The examinations revealed extensive scar tissue and damage to bonds rectum, anus and buttock. This led doctors to suspect a history of sexual abuse. When they asked Of course, he deflected clearly he felt great shame and what had happened to him. More interestingly, though, doctors also notice severe damage to his head, especially the prefrontal cortex of his brain. That section of your brain helps to regulate complex cognitive behaviour, personality, expression, decision making, and moderate social behaviour. Without it it’s hard for a person to control themselves are learning restraint. This helped to explain buttons aggressive need to rape and murder was an insatiable watch that the brain couldn’t properly deal with so that

it was a case of nurture over nature.

Again, not necessarily, even if he wasn’t beaten, given bonds family history, it could have only been a matter of time until he lashed out. both his parents were alcoholics, and it seemed as though Bannon was addicted to what he did. So addiction was clearly present and passed down. His grandfather and father were paedophiles bond and also chose to only hurt young men and boys. You’d also remember that Alice bond and suffered extreme mood swings and fits of depression, went to the doctors that attested Darrow diagnosed bonding with

manic depression. Right.

But who knows, perhaps bonding would have been different if he had not suffered the injustices he did. Chances are he would have still had depression and addiction issues. If genetic history is any indication, would he still have raped and killed therein lies the million dollar question.

Well, in 1973, Boston was removed from Italy good zero state hospital, he was transferred to California State Prison. Evidently, while at a task a Darrow bottom got up to his old tricks been in would ambush inmates in the showers and rape them again he bound them as best he could and proceeded to have his way with them. This apparently went on for the better part of his stay at the facility.

thing about being enough facility prison orphan age crazy been, it’s all the same. Got to display your dominance before someone else does.

A task was said William could no longer be treated and sent him away. Now a California State Prison bonded realised he needed to change his attitude

if I wanted any chance of escape. I had to learn to act

proper. Less than a year later, bottom was released on parole on June 11 1974. Prison psychiatry said he was quote, no longer a threat.

If only they had known what was to come.

William bonnet had just been released from prison under probation. All he had to do was keep a low profile and avoid hurting anyone else. A challenge that proved to great. On September 8 1975 14 year old David McVicker was walking up and down the roads of Garden Grove, California. He was trying to hitchhike home. A car finally pulled over the window rolled down and rebuild 28 year old William bond and bought a nest of the young man monitor ride. The unsuspecting McVicker excitedly agreed and got into Bob’s car. And just like that, that to spit off.

They drove around for a long time casually talking soon, McVicker realised that they weren’t headed to home. He asked bon and where they were going been and responded with another question. Are you


McVicker was taken aback. No one had ever asked him that, let alone a complete stranger. been placed his hand on mcvicar’s die. The young man became increasingly uncomfortable. He demanded to be dropped off. That’s when bond and got angry, bought and produced a pistol from his back pocket. He jammed it into the side of the boy’s head. Nick Baker’s heart was pounding What could he do? Again, this next section gets graphic listener discretion is advised.

Bought and drove the helpless preteen into a deserted field. Bottom got out of the car and moved to the passenger side. He ripped the door open and demanded McVicar get out of the car. Make a vicar reluctantly agreed, bought and ordered him to strip. McVicker wept the whole time

been and then pounced on the boy beating him severely and raping him. Make Vicar tried to get away but bond and bound the boy with his own clothing.

Towards the end of the disturbing affair bought and took McVicker shirt and started to strangle him with it. The boy cried out begging for help but and apologise to the boy profusely. He claimed he didn’t know what came over himself. He helped the young boy dress and then took him home

been and dropped the poor boy off as McVicker got out of the car bond and roll down the window and called back.

Be seeing you again real soon.

He winked and drove off.

David McVicker was horrified. He ran inside and immediately told his mother she phoned the police. Though they only had a lead on Brandon’s car. They immediately put out an APB telling all officers to keep an eye out for bonds van

no more than two days later bought in was arrested. He had been caught attempting to run over a 15 year old boy with his car.

bonding had pulled up alongside the child in his car. He asked if the young man wanted to have sex for $35. The young men refused and walked away and raged bond and began to drive after the boy chase ensued bond and tried to run over the young man repeatedly horrified onlookers called the police who quickly arrived to the scene. Police subdued the manic Bonnen, he was charged with rape, forced oral copulation of a minor and attempted kidnapping,

bought and pleaded guilty to the charges and was sentenced to one to 15 years at the all male Correctional Facility in San Luis Obispo on December 31 1975.

MC vigour may have gotten some peace knowing his rapist was in jail, but the event had completely and totally scarred him. He dropped out of school shortly after that and took odd jobs to support himself. Understandably, David McVicker still has nightmares about what happened.

Tragic, the ruin and the robot and cost. But why do you think he hadn’t killed any of his victims yet?

It could have been there was no reason to in his head, he still got all the satisfaction he needed from raping alone. It may have also not crossed his mind

in prison bond and continued to rape and beat his fellow inmates. This however it didn’t seem to bother the prison guards or Warden has been in was out on parole Two years later, on October 11 1978. He was placed on 18 months supervised probation.

But things would soon change for Boston as he was about to meet a crew that would accompany him on his future rampage.

After his release in 1978. Bought and moved into an apartment complex in Kingswood village about one mile from his mother, who he continued to watch over and care for surprisingly bought and kept a low profile for the most part. Most of his shady interactions with young men came in the form of buying them alcohol and letting them use his house as a Hangout. He also secured a job as a truck driver for a Montebello delivery firm, dependable drive away.

During this quiet period and bond in his life, he became friends with his neighbour Everett Fraser. Fraser was a socialite who threw huge parties at his apartment, and soon became a regular at these parties meeting several young men. The most significant of these encounters came in the form of two men, George Miley and Vernon butts.

Miley was an illiterate Texan who had made his way to California through a series of odd jobs. He wasn’t particularly quick and had a tendency to fall into what it was he was told to. The other man, however, was quite different.

Vernon Butz was an eccentric and unhinged man. He was a part time magician and worked at a porcelain factory. Vernon was also especially interested in the occult and black magic, Bannon and buts shared an interest in sexual violence.

As the two talked the more and more they opened up about their darker fixations. Until bonding posed an interesting question. You ever

fantasise about killing hitchhikers? Vernon hadn’t?

Would you like to?

May 28 1979 13 year old Thomas Glen Lundgren left his house in California and 1050 in the morning, shortly after leaving his house a green for to con line van pulled up inside set William Boston and Vernon butts. They asked if the young man needed a ride anywhere.

That same afternoon, Thomas his body was found in Agoura Hills, California. His body only had a shirt socks and shoes on. It was also mangled and mutilated. His throat had been slashed. His head and face had been bludgeoned and fractured. There were also extensive stab wounds across his body. Worst of all, his genitals had been severed. They were found in a field down from the body along with his jeans and underwear

bonded had finally graduated from serial rapist to full on killer such a terrifying and demented man. Why do you think bond and only started killing once he met burn and butts?

I think it was having an audience been it had been starved for attention all his life. Now he not only because get away with what he considered normal love or lust, but he also had someone who actively supported an egg C’mon, it was a moment of escalation that led to a darker zest, one that would send bonding down the twisted path to becoming the freeway killer

Part 2 Transcript

Driving down the highways of Southern California, you’ll find beachside sunsets, vast hills and Green Mountains. All prime scenery for the motorist on the go, or a man trying to dump body. While most cruise up and down the highway to get from point A to B, the freeway killer drove for more sinister purposes. Between 1979 to 19 8021 grisly murders were committed up and down the roads and freeways between Orange County and Los Angeles. All were young men between the ages of 12 and 19 years old. Their bodies discarded or half buried and dusty beach roads. back alley dumpsters are empty fields covered in bruises and fractures. Some perforated with stab wounds, others had their genitals removed or completely smashed. But all had been sexually violated. The police were baffled who would commit such heinous acts. Was it just one man? Did he have accomplices? No one knew they were dealing with the demonic mind of notorious serial killer William bottom. AKA the freeway killer.

William Barnes methodology was simple. In his green forward Econoline Bonnen rolled up on unsuspecting male hitchhikers, luring them into his van once inside bond and tied them down and subjected them to humiliation, brutality and death.

This level of abuse had been common all throughout upon its life as a child bought and was beaten and molested by his father and grandfather. By age six, bottom was sent to an orphanage for safety, but was further subjected to more sexual abuse from a Catholic priest and the other boys. By age nine, he returned home, only to be sent to a juvenile detention centre for stealing their he actively engaged in sexual activity with older and younger boys. After his release at 14, his family moved to California, where he began to molest his younger brother and several neighbourhood boys.

This vicious cycle of sexual abuse continued into his time as a helicopter gunner in Vietnam. When he returned home he was arrested on two separate occasions for kidnapping and molesting several boys. When analysed by psychiatrists he was found to be impulsive, a manic depressive with extreme mood swings, and a damaged frontal cortex that prevented him from controlling his dark impulses.

By age 21. bonded had been released from a second stint in prison. He became a truck driver and lived in a modest one bedroom apartment in Kingswood village, California. He began to go to parties at his neighbour Everett Frazier’s place. It was here that William bond and met Vernon butts and George Miley, two men that helped shift bond and from serial rapist to serial

killer. When we last left off, Bannon had murdered his first victim with his accomplice Vernon butts. butts was an eccentric and depraved man who egged bonding on and shared it his vision of pleasure through torment. Together they kidnapped, raped and murdered Thomas Lundgren, a 13 year old hitchhiker, having gotten away with murder been in felt it was time for a change.

Hi, I’m Greg Polson, and this is serial killers. Today we’re going to continue diving into the infamy of William bond in the freeway killer. I’m here with my co host Vanessa Richardson, and this is not a licenced psychologist or psychiatrist but she’s done a lot of research for this show. Hi, everyone.

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And don’t forget to subscribe while you’re there, because a new episode comes out every Monday. You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram at podcast and on Twitter at Podcast Network. A quick note and this week’s episode all quotes will be perfect formed by actors. However, these lines are quoted from primary research sources and presented exactly as those people stated them. Following the murder of Thomas Lohengrin, Bonnen and butts were riding high. They had both fantasise about what it would be like to kill someone, but they had not expected it to feel that good.

It was unlike anything I’ve ever felt. All my darker just everything I ever wanted needed to get out. All at once with one tiny screaming boy.

I needed more.

What was it about murder that please bond and Vanessa?

Well, this goes back to our last episode where we delved into how bond and sexual gratification was born out of violence. Bonds only education about sex came from trauma and abuse. This coupled with his own guilt, shame and rage became a volatile mixture, one which drove bond into continue the cycle abuse. What killing offered Bonnen was not only sexual release, but emotional catharsis. bonding could exact every Twisted Fantasy of hate and revenge on his victim with little or no consequences. This was also true abundance accomplice Vernon butts

and who was Vernon butts.

Vernon Butz was a 22 year old factory worker who specialised in porcelain and eccentric and strange man. But two had been bullied his whole life for his strange tendencies, such as practising magic and the occult, like bond and he shared a sadistic notion of what love and homosexuality should be. Having been sexually repressed most of his life, but saw this is an opportunity to find his own catharsis. Yet when bond and killed Thomas butts was completely taken by surprise,

we took him out to the middle of nowhere to have sex with him. As the night went on, and got crazier and crazier. We had joked about killing but I didn’t think he would do it. It was intense, intoxicating.

Following his kill of Thomas Lohengrin been and fell back into his old habit of kidnapping and raping young boys. He couldn’t have to 17 year old boy from Dana Point in Orange County in mid 1979. Fortunately, Biden was caught in the act and arrested. He was sent to prison for violating his parole from his last arrest. Unfortunately, due to an administrative error, bonding was released prior to his court date. Biden was picked up by his neighbour Everett Frazier, from the Orange County Jail on the way home been and made a chilling statement.

No one’s going to testify again. This is never going to happen to me again.

What do you think that meant Vanessa?

Well, more than likely he was referring to the young man whom he had molested testifying against him. Remember, Brandon had already been arrested twice by this point and sentence several times for raping young men. More than likely This was probably him reconciling the need to kill his victims, something he had already admitted to enjoying more.

Less than a month out of prison bought and decided it was time to kill again. On August 4 1979, William Barnum woke up feeling anxious, restless. He tried talking to his mother, but it wasn’t working. He went for a drive and started to notice all the young boys out enjoying the late summer whether his urges were returning.

Bannon quickly went to Vernon buttes house but was surprised to see bond and out of prison so quickly, but welcomed him into his home. The two talked for a bit before bond and said he was ready to find a new victim. Vernon was hesitant at first but soon became anxious with excitement. He wanted

me to go out and help him kill. I wasn’t too sure at first, the bond and started talking, mentioning how good the last one felt. Not just for him. But for me. He had this hypnotic effect.

I couldn’t resist, but finally agreed and together they got into bonds ban and started to hunt for a new victim.

What was this hypnotic effect but since talking about

that is called grooming a term used to describe psychologically conditioning someone to do what you want. bonding was conditioning, but so that butts himself wanted to go out and kill. How do you condition him? Well bought a new buttes was sexually repressed more than likely he used the promise of sexual catharsis and retribution by proxy to tempt the twist and young man, retribution by


By helping bond and rape and kill butts could act out his own desire for revenge on those who tormented him in the past. At least that’s what bond and wanted butts to think.

So do you think butts was tricked into assisting the killing,

not tricked, so much as persuaded?

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Now back to the storey

the to travel to Westminster where they found their second victim 17 year old Mark Shelton Shelton was making his way to a movie when bonds van pulled up by and asked the boy if he would like ride. Shelton refused and raged bought and grabbed mark. According to those in the neighbourhood they could hear screaming from down the road. When people went to investigate. There was no sign of Shelton. We were new. This next section deals with intense subject matter including rape and torture of minors. listener discretion is extremely advised.

butts drove the van around aimlessly while been raped and bludgeoned Mark Shelton in the backseat been and also sodomised mark with a pool cue and other implements he brought in his van for the occasion. Shelton became so traumatised that his heart stopped, Shelton died of shock. Bannon and butts discarded Shelton’s body near the San Bernardino County line. Again been in and butts revelled in there killed

on August 5 1979, less than 24 hours later bonded and butts kidnapped 17 year old West German student Marcus grabs, Marcus was hitchhiking on a freeway when Bonnen and butts approached by an offer the young man arrived, Marcus was elated. He climbed into the back of the van and things suddenly took a turn for the worse

been and climbed into the back and restrained Marcus when Marcus tried to fight back button and smashed him against the walls of the van and beat him about the head button then bound Marcus his feet and hands using ignition wire and raped him. Vernon watched through the rearview mirror, cheering

bottom pulled out a knife and began to stroke Marcus with it. Bond and cruelly teased that he was going to kill Marcus. Marcus didn’t believe him he thought he was just being annoyed with yet here was another opportunity to fight back. Marcus grabbed at the knife bonded and Marcus fought for the knife bought and finally we established his hold on it and stabbed Marcus bond and stabbed Marcus while Vernon buttes continued to laugh.

butts had been consumed by the same hate and rage that filled Bonnen

Marcus was stabbed 77 times. His body was then dumped up Malibu Creek close to Los Virginia’s Canyon Road. Police found his body the next day on August 619 79. That poor boy, would you say this fits into your idea of killing for emotional catharsis, Vanessa?

Well, I’m afraid so it’s clear now these and more than likely the rest of bonds murders were active passion. bonding had so much toxicity built up in Suydam that once you let it out, he couldn’t stop. Plus, now that he had a friend to encourage his illicit activities, he felt empowered while doing so.

Bottom and butts became a duo and stalking the freeways from August to November of 1979, buts and bond and claimed for more victims, bringing the total kill count to seven. On August 27 1979 15 year old Donald Ray Haydn was abducted around one o’clock in the morning. His body was later found in a dumpster near an off ramp to the venture of freeway. Donald had been bludgeoned around the face and skull, his throat slashed and his genitals partially removed. The next victim was David Louis Murillo on September 9 1979, just two weeks after Donald Haydn. David’s body was later found in an embankment alongside highway 121. Along with being raped, he had been beaten with a tire iron strangled via ligature strangling quickly became what a bot and signatures often using a piece of the victims own clothing as a ligature. This method was immediately used again unboxing and buts next victim Robert will stick on September 17 1979.

been an unboxing buttes wouldn’t kill again until November 1 1979. Though the victim couldn’t be identified due to extensive damage to the head. Ice pics had been shoved up his nose and into his ear canal. The effects of the killings were starting to take their toll on butts.

He would come to me constantly. I couldn’t keep doing it. I just couldn’t.

What do you think was going through butts mind?

My guess is exhaustion, terror and trauma. Unlike Bonnen, but was still fairly new to rape and torture. Sure, he had fantasised about it but never thought he’d actually do it. And while Bannon had years to build up his tolerance and zest violence, but said only just started, butts needed time and space to collect himself to rationalise what was going on this of course didn’t sit well with bond and bond and

tried countless times to get butts to continue yet but refused. Why was bought in so insistent butts come?

Well, two reasons come to mind. First, it was about validation. Remember how we talked about hierarchy in the last episode, bonding was constantly looking for validation that he was the top predator. With buds tagging along he could have someone bear witness to his atrocities and support his claim of superiority. Reason number two butts was probably the closest friend bond and had ever had, who else in bonds life would go out and do these things willingly?

You’re saying Bond was lonely. But yes,

this again goes back to the idea of validation bond and for lack of a better term finally had some positive reinforcement in his life. No one had ever liked the same things he did. Nor had anyone ever assisted him men fulfilling his sadistic carnal needs bond and was desperate for positive human contact. Yet he would not find it in Vernon butts. butts continued to refuse bond and so for the next three victims bought and acted alone, first killing Frank Fox followed by john Kilpatrick nine days later, then Michael McDonald. This will bring the total number of killings to 10 still bond and felt somewhat empty despite his murderous exploits. One of the side effects of bonds manic depression been and realised that having someone witnessing his work helped to make the emptiness go away. He returned to butts again bragging about killing three more teams. He hoped that would convince butts to rejoin him. While butts enjoyed the storeys he still wasn’t ready to go out with bond and again, Bonnen needed a new assistant.

Does this continue to feed into your idea about him being lonely and seeking validation?

Absolutely. Again, we can see bond and trying to go room butts back into joining him on his kills, appealing to butts, insecurities with the promise of power. What about loneliness? Again? Yes, he goes to bed several times bragging about the killings. He wants the attention for validation, but also for human contact. Like a boy asking a disinterested girl to prom over and over. He struggles to get butts attention. He’d never admitted but I think bonding needed butts more than butts needed him

what’s very interesting point, still wanting a partner in crime bought and reached out to Gregory Miley Miley was a simple man with an IQ just barely over 56 he had travel to California doing odd jobs then had met bond and at one of Everett’s parties, the same way bond and met butts.

bonding like smiling as he was easily manipulated. Miley did just about everything bond and said and even engaged in sex with bond and on occasion.

So on February 3 1980, bonding invited Miley along to murder hitchhikers. Miley was excited about the idea the encountered 15 year old Charles Miranda

in Hollywood. We once again advise caution the following contains descriptions of violence, torture and rape. been invited the boy to have sex with him and the rear of the van. The boy agreed as been introduced the boy bond and whispered to Miley kids die

von and then asked Miranda how much money he had. Only $6 bottom left. And then he snatched the money and raped Miranda. Miranda tried to escape but he was tied down. Vanessa smiley if he wanted to turn he did. Miley pulled the van over and jumped in the back. He tried to sodomise Miranda but couldn’t sustain an erection and raged Miley began to assault Miranda excited bond and joined in strangling Miranda with his own shirt. Once Miranda was dead bonding and Miley discarded his body in an hour off East Second Street in LA violin wasn’t done yet.

Later that afternoon, they found a 12 year old James McCabe on his way to Disneyland bond and offered the boy a ride James accepted. Miley drove to a deserted grocery store parking lot were born and climbed into the back and raped James. James screamed and cried for help prompting Miley to start the van and drive aimlessly afterwards bond and tried to comfort James and forced the poor child to sleep in his arms. Once James fell asleep bond and crushed the boys throat with a tire iron and strangled him. James body was left in a dumpster in the city of walnut. He was the youngest victim Bonnen ever killed.

That was oddly Merciful of him. Why would he allow the boy to fall asleep before killing?

That’s a tough question. Perhaps it was due to his age and the way the boy wept. It may have awakened dormant feelings and memories of bonds own youth thinking back to when he was 14 into those terrible situations and yearned for comfort. Still been and couldn’t afford any witnesses so you think bought and killed him out of necessity,

not out of pleasure?

Well, I don’t think it’s that simple. been and still tortured the boy through beatings and strangulation. What you might consider mercy was more than likely a fleeting moment of kindness brought about by memories bond and still chose to torture and kill.

So you are citing a case of nature over nurture.

Indeed, bonding could have let the boy go but instead continued his onslaught of violence and death.

Thankfully, bottom was about to be shut down for a while. On February 4 1980, Biden was pulled over outside of his neighbourhood of Kingswood. This was a direct violation of his parole, which they did he could only leave Kingswood should it pertained to his job as a delivery man. He was arrested and remanded at Orange County jail until March 4 1980. Serving only a month of time 10 days after its release, bonded, abducted and killed Ronald Gatlin shoving ice pics into his ear canals and up his nose. And one week later, he killed Glenn Barker. Glenn’s corpse was covered in cigarette burns and had a distended rectum, suggesting he too had been violated with foreign objects. Violence torture seems to escalate with each new victim. First beatings, body mutilations, ice picks, now burnings I mean, why do that?

Well, like a drug addict looking to get a fix, bought and needed to increase the violence in order to get that same kick. Due to Brandon’s addiction to sexual violence and the fact that he engaged in it so regularly, he had to find new and creative ways to get off.

That’s truly horrifying. What you say seems to have merit because the same day he killed Barker bought and went after a second victim rustled rough. Unlike Barker, rough was beaten and tortured over the course of eight hours before finally being killed. The strangulation

March proved to be a busy month for Bannon not only had he killed four helpless young men, but he acquired a new accomplice as well.

And the later part of March 1980 bought an offer to Dr. William Pew home from a party at Everett Frazier’s Pew was a 17 year old just looking for a good time. Unfortunately, he found on it rather than kill you bought and divulged that he enjoyed raping and murdering hitchhikers on Friday and Saturday nights. He also admitted that he killed via strangulation.

He added before you kill someone you should make a plan and find a place to dump the body before you even pick a victim.

Pew was horrified. He thought for sure he was going to be bonds next victim but bond and drove him safely home.

I liked PU he was a good kid. So why spear pure?

I think it was because of the tos shared history of delinquency and PE was also a thief and had been caught several times stealing automobiles, I think on some level been and saw a reflection of himself. As such, he may not have been able to torture Pew as it would have been like raping himself either way bond and had found a new accomplice

on March 24 1981 and took you out to abduct 15 year old Harry Turner. Harry wasn’t run away from a boy’s home and Lancaster bond and lured the boy into his van with the promise of $20. Once inside, bonded bound bit and sodomised boy, he was unsure what to do, but in order to to beat Turner’s head while bought and strangled him. Pew did as he was told, fearing he might be next, after Turner died, bought and mutilated, turned his genitals and dumped his body at the rear door of an LA business.

And so bought and adds another accomplished to the list.

This was ultimately a good thing though.


well the more people he added to his list, the more likely he was to be caught. Bonds need to have an audience was a dangerous gamble. He assumed that having people there to watch him work wouldn’t be a burden that seeing what he did to his victims would keep them in line. Really though he was adding more variables to an already shaky system. Sooner or later someone was going to talk

well bonds days as a predator we’re winding down. The police were quickly realising that these strings of grisly murders were all connected, and the manhunt was about to begin. bodies were quickly mounting between LA and Orange County. Rumours quickly spread of a serial killer stalking the roads of Southern California. This mysterious figure was dubbed the freeway killer

bond and love the name. As newspapers printed more and more about his grisly murders. He began to collect the clippings and the scrapbook he kept in his van bond and was finally getting some attention

was a celebrity.

Investigators quickly found a pattern linking all the previous killings from Boston in 1979 and 1980. The problem was they had no suspect,

meanwhile, been killed four more people between April and May. The first was Stephen J. Wood on April 10. Would was kidnapped walking to school after a dentist appointment after that button bond and reunited and went after Darren Kendrick. Together they lowered the 19 year old with the promise of selling him drugs. Kendrick was killed after an ice pack damaged his cervical spinal cord. His body was found near Artesia freeway with the pic still embedded in his ear.

On May 17, bought and killed Lawrence Sharpe, who we had met through Everett’s parties. Sharks body was found behind a Westminster gas station strangled. Two days later bought an expert in butts to retain with him. But Vernon still refused. So modern went out and killed 14 year old Shaun King. Afterwards, he went back and bragging to butts.

Again, we’re seeing him brag about his exploits. It’s clear he wanted attention for his actions. He needed that validation to reassure him he was the best predator. Perhaps what’s more fascinating is that he’s chosen to tell but how so? Well think of it like the one who got away bonding had other accomplices. Why keep going back to butts. butts was bonds first real partner in crime. He was the accomplice he was closest

to that loneliness coming into play again.

Yep, bonding missed But meanwhile,

the police arrested William Pew for stealing cars. He was housed up at Reno’s juvenile courthouse on May 29 1980. It was there that Pew her details about the freeway killer over the radio, he immediately thought about bought it, hoping to free himself of his current charges. Pew confided in his counsellor about how the killings match the modus operandi of William bond and

see too many variable false pews counsellor quickly

reported his suspicions to LAPD homicide Sergeant john St. JOHN. St. JOHN arrived at the courthouse and began an extensive interview with pew pew withheld the mention of being taken out on the murder of Harry Turner, but gave up everything else he had on pot and Sergeant st. JOHN ordered an immediate background check upon it. Of course that yielded years of sexual abuse up and down the freeway killers stomping grounds. Sergeant st. john was convinced bond and had to be the killer. He ordered surveillance to begin on bond in the evening of June 2 1980.

As the police moved in on their killer bond and found yet another accomplice in James Monroe, an 18 year old homeless drifter from Michigan been picked up Monroe and offered to have him come live in his apartment. The two engaged in consensual sex and been in gutterman row a job at the delivery firm where he worked.

Monroe thought his life was finally turning around. Then been an aspirin wrote to accompany him on a strange outing. He said they were going to go out rape and murder teenage hitchhikers.

The next evening, June 2 1980. Bonnen took Monroe out to kill the Lord 18 year old Stephen wells into bonds van from a bus stop. After discovering that Wells was bisexual, bonded, invited into his apartment for sex and $200. At bonds apartment Wells was beaten, raped and strangled to death with his own shirt. wills his body was then stuffed into a cardboard box and driven to Vernon butts his house.

bonding was excited to show his friend what he had done. He opened the back of the van revealing wells his corpse, but seemed and moved well as his body was dumped behind a disused Huntington Beach gas station, where it was discovered five hours later. Afterwards Bonnen and company went off for burgers at McDonald’s. They purchase their meal with the money they had taken off at Steve animal’s

body. While the police didn’t catch on and on June 2, they made their big break on June 11 1980. That night bond and left his apartment to go for a drive. plainclothes detectives then tailed bonded from several cars. They kept a weather eye on him hoping to catch him in the act. Quietly they watched as bond and attempted to lower five teenage boys over the course of the night. The detectives were antsy. They wanted bonding but couldn’t do anything until he actually committed a crime. Finally, bonding got 117 year old Harold Tate the tailing intensified for what seemed like an eternity police followed bond and yet nothing seemed to be happening. Bannon was just driving

violence van finally pulled off the Hollywood freeway and into a desolate parking lot. The detectives parked their cars a block or two away. Several officers exited their vehicles and snuck over to the As they approached they heard screaming from inside Boston was making his move they had to act quickly. Detectives ripped open the door and jumped on bond and Brandon was half naked trying to pull Harold’s clothes off. The detectives yanked bought in from the van. They slammed him to the pavement and arrested him. He was booked on the attempted rape of Harold and the murder of Charles Miranda. Harold was saved.

Upon hearing abundance arrest. Monroe panicked and fled back to Michigan, and Miley fled back to Texas. Only buttes remained in California to await his fate.

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Now let’s get back to the storey.

William Bonnen had finally been arrested for his killings.

bonding initially protested his guilt. Yet the evidence seemed overwhelming is home detectives found a blood soaked shower and evidence of a struggle no doubt related to Stephen wells. Bonds van however, proved the most damning inside bonds car forensics found nylon cord, knives, pliers, coat hangers, a tire iron, a pool cue and other implements of torture soaked in blood and other body fluids. Detectives also found a scrapbook full of clippings related to the freeway killings. More importantly, the interior had DNA evidence everywhere. Blood and semen found in the car match those are the victims bodies and bonds. hairs from the tree skeleton carpeting on the van match several fibres found on victims as well. There was no chance for bonding to go free.

Still bonding would not confess.

Word quickly got around about the capture of a suspected freeway killer. Parents of the missing boys demanded Justice Stevens wells mother wrote an impassioned letter begging bonnet to reveal the location of her son’s body finally bought and confessed. He admitted to raping and killing 21 Boys Over the course of a year as well as the location to else’s body.

After been confessed, he began to recount each disgusting atrocity he committed. Why tell

people that didn’t he realised he was just digging himself a bigger hole? Well, same reason he told butts about every kill.

And the same reason he constantly found new people to join him lilium bond and was terribly desperate for attention. He had never gotten it from his parents, nor from his victims. Now he had it and he’d be damned if he was going to waste it. Plus, he enjoyed having the audience and he liked bragging about how he tortured each and every boy, the horror it brought people to disgust.

He could still get a kick out of that. So you think it was less narcissism and more loneliness.

More than likely he didn’t care who he told along as someone asked about it

bought in was formerly arraigned on July 25 1980. And it was charged with an additional 15 murders on July 29. He was also charged with 11 robberies, one kind of sodomy and one kind of mayhem. He was formally charged on August 8 1980, and it was held without bond.

Also in July 25 1980. Police obtained a warrant to search Vernon butts liquid property bond and admitted he hadn’t killed alone and named all four of his accomplices. butts was charged on July 29 for six counts of murder and three counts of robbery between August 1979 to April 1980. butts proclaim his innocence at first, but later confessed to accompany Vaughn and sexually violating several of the victims. He was adamant that he only had a limited role in torturing victims and mostly drove the car while bon and committed the crimes ironically been in place most of the blame Vernon saying butts was the real ringleader of the operation. He argued that butts encouraged his morbid behaviour and was manipulated into continuing

as a bit of cruel irony indeed. But why do you think he tried to pin it all on butts.

butts was his longest running accomplice. Perhaps he was hurt that butts didn’t the system as much as he wanted. So this was payback

butts was formally charged in Orange County Municipal Court on November 14 1980, with his trial set for July 27 1981. Soon the rest of bonds accomplices followed suit, James Monroe was arrested in his home city of Port Huron, Michigan. He was extradited to California where he was charged with the murder of Stephen wells. He pleaded innocence on August 4 1980, Miley was arrested in Texas and charged for the murder of Charles Miranda and James McCabe. He confessed to his culpability via phone call on February 3 1981. He later confessed guilt in his pre trial hearing in May of 1981. On January 2 1981, bought and pleaded innocent to 14 counts of first degree murder and numerous counts of sodomy, robbery and mayhem.

Vernon Butz was arraigned that same day with his formal please set on January 7. butts however, couldn’t make it to his formal plea as he hung himself in his prison cell.

Death by strangulation seems almost fitting

buts attorney Joe Ingber said that buds had been grappling with suicidal thoughts after he heard transcripts describing how he graphically helped spawn and torture people were going to be released, but had tried to kill himself on multiple occasions beforehand, when bond and heard about but he didn’t say much.

What I heard about what happened to butts, all of them it was a little disappointed. But I guess a little sad to

how do you think you were felt?

I think part of him was sad more than anything. I think he was more worried about himself, but was his main scapegoat. Now he was on his own again, just like when he was a kid,

on October 19 1981. Bottom was brought to trial and LA County for the 12 victims he had slain there. The trial commenced on November 5 1981. Following jury selection. Jury selection proved difficult as the case was so widely known. Deputy District Attorney Sterling Norris acted as prosecutor he sought the death penalty, viewing what bond and had done as monstrous beyond compare. He argued bond and had committed these acts as group sport and groomed others to help him saying, quote, we will prove he is the freeway killer, as he has bragged to a number of witnesses will show you that he enjoyed the killings. Not only did he enjoy it, and plan to enjoy it, but he had an insatiable demand an insatiable appetite not only for sodomy, but for killing. Unquote. Both Monroe and Miley testified in exchange for lighter sentences that recounted how they had assisted in raping, robbing and murdering several victims. The details were said to be so gruesome that some audience members had to leave the room to

vomit pretty soon bonds trial became a literal Battle of nature versus nurture. Bonds attorney William sharp a tried to paint him as a tragic figure, one who was a victim of poor nurturing. Sharp vape brought in Dr. David Foster an expert on developmental effects on violence and abuse on children. Dr. Foster argued that due to a rough childhood, lack of protection and positive behavioural feedback bond in psychology had developed poorly bond and didn’t understand the differences between love and violence, and was unable to control his impulses.

To counter this, the prosecution brought in Dr. Park deeds. Dr. Deeds was a forensic psychiatrist, an expert in sexual sadism and instal disorders. He argued Biden’s actions were premeditated, given how he told his accomplices ahead of time that they were planning to go kill young men, and had plans on how to dispose of the bodies when they were done. He also concluded that bonding was a sexual sadist, who suffered antisocial personality disorder. Neither condition would impair his ability to act of his own volition.

Things continued to be heated until a Fresno based TV reporter David Lopez waved his immunity under California shield law and agreed to testify on behalf of the prosecution. Lopez had conducted seven interviews with Bannon between December 1980 and April of 1981. In the interviews bond and confessed to being the freeway killer, and offered precise details on who, what and where he killed. Lopez was to be given exclusive rights, provided he didn’t broadcast or dispense the information. For months, Lopez debated over his journalistic and tech and his duty as a citizen finally opted to testify. Lopez further testified that bond and agreed to help police find Stephen wells body with knowledge that they get burgers after

during the month of December closing statements were made by both parties. Prosecutors argued the death penalty was the only way to deal with such a heinous monster. The Defence only asked for a reasonable verdict, hoping not to get the death penalty. Finally, on January 619 82, William Barton was convicted of 10 of the 12 murders. He’d been cleared on the murders of Thomas Lohengrin and Shaun King sodomy of Marcus grammes mayhem of Thomas Lundgren and robbing another victim. It was however you Nana Miss under special circumstances that bond and be granted the death penalty. The Defence tried to seek a modification to the sentencing. But on March 21, the sentence was settled, but Boston still had to be tried in Orange

County on March 21, been in went to trial in Orange County for four more murders and a charge of robbery bond and tried to get a change of venue given the popularity of the case, but was denied in November of 1982.

The Orange County trial ended on August 22 1983. Once again, the jury found bought and guilty and recommended the

death penalty bonds accomplices also received their verdicts. William Pugh was sentenced to six years of voluntary manslaughter in the case of Harry Turner on May 17 1982. He was released in 1985 for good behaviour. Monroe was sentenced to 15 years to life for second degree murder on April 6 1981. To this day, he serves time at Mill Creek State Prison. Despite numerous appeals he’s been consistently denied parole. Finally, Miley was sentenced to 25 years to life on February 5 1982 first degree murder. He was repeatedly reprimanded for attempting to rape male inmates. He died on May 25 2016, after being attacked by inmates

bond and remained on death row for 14 years. During that time, California ruled that the gas chamber was to inhumane and move to lethal injection instead. So on February 23 1996, bonding became the first criminal to be executed by lethal injection in California history. When asked about how we felt about the death penalty bond and said

they feel my death will bring closure. But that’s not the case.

Many people also felt that death wasn’t the answer. That Bonnen should instead simply rot the rest of his life. This debate ranged from both politicians and citizens alike.

I learned very early on at a very early age. My parents taught me the two wrongs don’t make a right and that’s very much what we bad going on here.

It’s still seemed a good majority more wanted been in dead, especially the families have been its victims.

My only regret is getting caught. Had I not been caught. I just continued

at 1145 in the evening, bonded entered the now retired gas chamber to receive his lethal injection. He was strapped to a gurney and sedated none of his family came to witnesses death, not even as mother. Only the family the victims and David McVicker came. Finally at 12:13am William bond in the freeway killer was pronounced dead. So tell me something Vanessa. Now that you’ve heard the rest of the storey, do you think it was more nature or nurture?

Hope the world is what you make it but sometimes it can also make you I think William Bonnen was a product of the world around him. From birth, it seemed like bonding was merely a vessel for his father and grandfather sexual rage. Most of his life he was molested and in turn, he continued the cycle. Yet what button did he did of his own volition, he chose to escalate the violence the pain. He was a man who harboured great darkness inside him and the world he was born into helped bring that evil out. To me, it’s not a question of nature versus nurture. Its nature and nurture.

Thanks again for tuning in to serial killers.